In the Senior Division, students with prior musical experience refine their skills to the highest standards and perform in their own state-of-the-art concert series at various venues around the United States and internationally.
The Senior Division of the National Children’s Chorus consists of the Debut Ensemble. Performance venues in addition to those in the Bay Area include Walt Disney Concert Hall, Royce Hall, Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and more. The Senior Division also performs in an international tour every summer. Explore below for additional details on this ensemble.
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Debut Ensemble

Ages 10-16, some experience to much experience
Members of the Debut Ensemble are introduced to the concert stage, and begin the refined vocal training required to perform at the Senior Division level. Students will learn sophisticated repertoire in various languages and musical styles, featuring 3 and occasionally 4-part harmony. Prestigious collaborations and main-stage performances are regularly included as part of the regimen. Additionally, private vocal study, Kodály technique and music theory will be offered as part of the curriculum.
Dr. Pamela Blackstone
Associate Artistic Director
Julia Morris
Associate Conductor
Cole Thomason-Redus
Private Voice Instructor
Dr. I-Wen Wang
Associate Pianist

Member Information

The Debut Ensemble in San Francisco rehearses at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on Tuesday afternoons. The Chorus is in session from September through May, and does not have rehearsals during the summer months of June, July and August. Please read below for more detailed information about scheduling and tuition, which will also be covered thoroughly during the application process.
Debut Ensemble
  • Rehearsal Schedule
    Tuesdays, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Location
    San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Curriculum
    Concert Training
    Music Theory & Sight-singing Class
    Private Voice Instruction
  • Performances
    Multiple performances annually in the Bay Area, and at venues such as Walt Disney Concert Hall, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and internationally
  • Tuition
    Approximately $209 per month.
    Need-based scholarship awards are available to qualifying families.