In the Junior Division, students ages 5-12 with beginning or intermediate musical experience build their skills and gain confidence in encouraging and creative rehearsal environments and virtual performances. Specialized online courses are taught by the country’s leading music educators in individualized small groups. The Junior Division of the National Children’s Chorus consists of the Prelude Level, Minuet Level, Sonata Level, and Concerto Level.

On Saturday, November 7th at 4:00 PM Eastern Time, our directors will deliver a live-stream presentation via Zoom, introducing students and parents to the outstanding educational programs of the National Children’s Chorus. All applicants will then sign up for a private video audition with one of our conductors during the following week. Instructions will be e-mailed to all applicants following registration to set up your individual audition appointment. After acceptance into the program, Spring courses begin in January 2021.

Courses in the Online Conservatory Include:
  • Ensemble Training (Virtual Choir Videos)
  • Individualized Coachings with Conductors
  • Musicianship & Kodály Method
  • Vocal Workshop
  • Masterclass Series
Candidates for the Junior Division:
  • Between the ages of 5 and 12
  • No choral/musical experience to some choral/musical experience
The audition will consist of the following elements:
  • Scales (to evaluate the tone quality of the voice)
  • Rhythmic exercises (to evaluate rhythmic precision)
  • Pitch matching (to evaluate intonation)