Conducting Fellows

Members of the Conducting Fellows are selected annually for participation in this unique program. As part of the private instruction, our young conductors work weekly on conducting technique, rehearsal protocol and the psychology of leading a group of musicians. In addition, they gain the exclusive privilege of real-life conducting experience by potentially leading their peers in rehearsal and performance at NCC events.

Advanced Vocal Studio

Members of the Advanced Vocal Studio must have a minimum of two years NCC experience, be at least twelve years of age, and receive a personal recommendation from the Artistic Director. Within this unique program, advanced students in the NCC refine their vocal skills with top-level voice teachers in a focused setting. From October through May, via weekly private sessions, students gain a profound singing foundation that provides the skills necessary to excel at major auditions (such as entrance to college and premier music schools) and a possible career as a solo artist.

Intensive Composition Workshop

Members of the Senior Division who have a minimum of two years NCC experience, are at least twelve years of age, and who receive a personal recommendation from the Artistic Director, are eligible for invitation to study privately with top-level composition instructors. This unique program allows young talents in the NCC to refine their composition skills by learning the basics of writing technique while creating their own music. Each week from October through May, participants share project progress and analyze the elements of musical ingenuity. The instruction prepares students for possible entrance to top music schools, universities and conservatories.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique teaches students how to change and improve postural habits, thereby enabling improved mobility, posture, and performance, while also relieving tension and stress. In this class, singers learn how to use this technique to improve breathing, vocal production and much more.