The National Children’s Chorus invites members, patrons and guests to join our exhilarating international trips each summer. Don’t miss your chance to take in stunning musical performances by the NCC’s Senior Division students around the world!

An important part of the NCC experience is our students’ exposure to world history, unique cultures and social diversity. With music as a common and unifying bond, members of the National Children’s Chorus travel abroad each year, performing their stellar repertoire and making connections with audiences across the world. International collaborations enable them to meet and sing with children from other countries, while gaining insight and understanding more acutely the world around them.

Attending the NCC summer tour was a last-minute decision that my daughter and I made. Little did we know that it was going to be one of the most transformational experiences of our lives. From the performances to the cultural tours and the delicious food we ate—it was the experience of a lifetime!
Meg Jalali
NCC parent since 2014

While the NCC’s excellent music is thus shared and experienced by a wider array of music enthusiasts internationally, our core goals in coordinating NCC travel are twofold. Firstly, the tours serve to solidify and strengthen the relationships that exist already within the chorus, generating memories and forging friendships that will last a lifetime. Secondly, they are designed to cultivate a higher sense of openness and empathy in our students.

Being able to experience your child perform at some of the most amazing, iconic, moving, acoustically perfect spaces on the planet is a total gift. The performances were the best part of the tour, and as with all NCC productions did not disappoint. What a childhood these kids are having, what life stories they will tell, and what a delight as parents to live it with them. We are so grateful to the NCC to have these incredible international opportunities.
Aviva Watkins
NCC parent since 2014

NCC tours teach the children that all people around the globe (despite our perceived differences) are most importantly human, just like them, and therefore equally worthy of respect, care and love. The results of NCC tours are magical and life-changing for all of us!

NCC Tour Highlights

Thank you for the most memorable tour we had with the NCC. The students were exposed to so much history, and the education combined with the exceptional music of their gifted voices was truly special.
Emily Iker
NCC parent since 2013

Our recent destinations

  1. England, Summer 2015
  2. Hong Kong and mainland China, Summer 2016
  3. Italy, Summer 2017
  4. Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary, Summer 2018
  5. South Korea and Japan, Summer 2019
  6. Portugal and Spain, Summer 2022
  7. Scotland, Wales and England, Summer 2023
  8. Denmark and Norway, Summer 2024