Boy Singing
What is it like to audition for the NCC? 

We get asked this a lot. Auditions can be nerve-racking, but they don’t need to be! Remember, everyone wants you to do well and it is a wonderful chance for you to show us your talent.

Here are a few tips from expert NCC students to you!

  1. “Don’t be nervous! If you are, take a couple deep breaths.” – Ava
  2. “Don’t hold back, believe in yourself and go for it!” – Isabella
  3. “Be confident and own what you sing, even if you mess up.” – Miranda
  4. “Always be yourself and don’t stress out. Everyone at the NCC is here to support you!” – Ria
  5. “Sing to the very best of your abilities. Sing confidently and clear with good posture. Don’t force yourself to do what you can’t.” – John
  6. “Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.” – Chase
  7. “Always be prepared and have fun.” – Ella
  8. “Be proud in your singing.” – Joaquin
  9. “Don’t worry about anyone else, do your personal best.” – Josie
  10. “Eat healthy food and get a lot of rest the night before. This always helps.” – Amabel
  11. “Don’t look at the floor when you audition.” – Connor
  12. “Pretend like no one’s watching.” – Scottie
  13. “Do some vocal warm-ups before you start.” – Lucas
  14. “Stand upright, shoulders back, and breathe, knowing you are going to do a great job.” – Reese
  15. “Do your best. All of us believe you can do it!” – Lila
The experience you will have in this choir will be unforgettable and the friends you'll make will last a lifetime!
NCC Debut Ensemble Member

Not sure which division to apply to?  

Check out our quick guide below to see which will be the best fit. Additional information about each of our ensembles in both the Junior and Senior Divisions may be found on our education page

Junior Division Senior Division
• Between the ages of 5 and 12 • Between the ages of 10 and 18
• No musical experience to some musical experience • Some to significant choral, musical, solo or vocal performance experience
• The audition will consist of scales, rhythmic exercises, pitch matching, and question & answer session • The audition will consist of a solo piece of the applicant's choosing, scales, rhythmic exercises, pitch matching, and question & answer session