The National Children’s Chorus announces Summer Camp 2021: Musical Expedition. This exciting  two-week program will feature a custom-designed curriculum focused on vocal development, musicianship skills, composing music, expression and movement, arts and crafts, and group dynamics. Led by NCC’s first-rate artistic team, students will be introduced to musical cultures from around the world as they take part in a thrilling and interactive virtual tour to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. We are so extremely thrilled to enjoy rich international cultures within this dedicated summer program! Students will surely emerge musically stronger, creatively inspired, and artistically gratified, with an enhanced appreciation for globally diverse music traditions.

Please click “Book Audition” to submit your application for the summer program. You will then be contacted by our office to schedule a short vocal assessment with a member of our artistic team. Final registration must be received by July 16th. *Current NCC members, please contact to receive registration information.

Summer Camp 2021: A Musical Expedition
  • Two-week program – July 12th through July 23rd
  • Monday through Friday – 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Most class time is synchronous/live
  • Some class time is self-guided, where students will learn through creative projects and video exploration
  • NCC support staff will be available and accessible online at all times during the camp
Daily Curriculum Includes (all items below are synchronous/live):
  • Morning Studio: Sing and move
  • Virtual Choir: Music from around the world
  • Music Discovery: Getting to know diverse cultures and story time
  • Songwriting: Learning to compose your own music
  • Group Huddle: Sharing thoughts and related experiences
  • Musicianship Games: A fun way to sharpen lessons learned
  • Small-group Voice Coaching: Develop tone, accuracy, phrasing, diction & expression – alternating days
Tuition – $499 per week for Regular Schedule or $299 per week for Half-Day Schedule (because the curriculum builds to a final presentation, all students must sign up for both weeks)
  • Upon acceptance into the program, the first payment will post on the date of registration
  • The second payment will post on July 12th