Sonata Level (ages 8-10, some experience to much experience)

Members of the Sonata Level are trained to be well-versed in the areas of tone, vowel formation, diction, breathing, and musicianship. From here, students are taught the beginnings of advanced choral and vocal technique, including singing in 2-part harmony within the context of more sophisticated repertoire that will include texts in foreign languages. The beginnings of advanced Kodály methodology will also be employed as part of the curriculum. Sonata Level students will have the privilege of working weekly with the following esteemed personnel:

Christopher Yraola, conductor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Hiroyo Hatsuyama, associate pianist (Los Angeles)
Lisa Fenderson, Kelly Adams, Arie Moriguchi, Lavone Seetal and Roxanne Madsen, Kodály musicianship instructors (Los Angeles)
Rachel Trotta, conductor (New York)
Dimitry Glivinskiy, associate pianist (New York)
Sarah Meadows, Kodály musicianship instructor (New York)
Luke McEndarfer, conductor (Washington D.C.)
Jennifer Chmiel, Kodály musicianship instructor (Washington D.C.)