Scholars (ages 14-17, most experience only)

Members of the Scholars represent the NCC’s most advanced and professional vocal product, with its singers having received many years of performance training at the Senior level. All students in this group must sing with exceptional artistic and technical command, both as a chorister and soloist. Regular solo engagements, as well as high-profile ensemble projects, will be a regular part of the experience. Additionally, students will be prepped for major solo auditions with top music companies, as well as for entrance to college and university studies. Scholars will have the privilege of working weekly with the following esteemed personnel:

Luke McEndarfer conductor and private voice instructor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Vivian Liu principal rehearsal pianist (Los Angeles)
Dr. Pamela Blackstone private voice instructor (Los Angeles)
Michael Dean private voice instructor (Los Angeles)
Ian Krouse composition instructor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Rose Beattie private voice instructor (Los Angeles)
Griffith Frank private voice instructor (Los Angeles)