Premier Ensemble (ages 11-17, much experience to most experience)

Members of the Premier Ensemble are expected to perform at the professional level upon acceptance, and already have a clear concept of beautiful tone, accurate intonation, crisp diction and gorgeous musical phrasing, in addition to possessing experience-based confidence and assertiveness as a solo and group performer. Students will be taught the highest levels of sophisticated choral technique that is utilized in all of the world’s finest adult choruses within the context of complex music featuring 2, 3 and 4-part harmony. Singers at this level will participate in multiple performances and projects throughout the year at professional venues such as The Broad Stage, The Edye Second Space, Royce Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Grand Performances at the California Plaza, among others. In addition, private vocal study, advanced Kodály technique and a full range of musicianship courses will be included as part of the curriculum. Premier Ensemble students will have the privilege of working weekly with the following esteemed personnel:

Luke McEndarfer, conductor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Vivian Liu, associate pianist (Los Angeles)
Lisa Fenderson, Kelly Adams, Arie Moriguchi, Lavone Seetal and Roxanne Madsen, Kodály musicianship instructors (Los Angeles)
Luke McEndarfer, conductor (New York)
David  Štech, principal pianist (New York)