Debut Ensemble (ages 10-14, much experience to most experience)

Members of the Debut Ensemble are introduced to the professional stage, and begin the refined vocal training required to perform at the Senior level. Students will learn sophisticated repertoire in various languages and musical styles, featuring 2 and 3-part harmony. Professional collaborations with major music companies, as well as a full season of performances at The Broad Stage, will be included as part of the regimen. Additionally, private vocal study, Kodály technique and a full range of musicianship courses will be offered as part of the curriculum. Debut Ensemble students will have the privilege of working weekly with the following esteemed personnel:

Dr. Pamela Blackstone, conductor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Hiroyo Hatsuyama, associate pianist (Los Angeles)
Lisa Fenderson, Kelly Adams, Arie Moriguchi, Lavone Seetal and Roxanne Madsen, Kodály musicianship instructors (Los Angeles)
Nick Nicassio, rehearsal conductor (New York)
Dr. Pamela Blackstone, guest conductor (New York)
Markus Kaitila, associate pianist (New York)