Concerto Level (ages 10-12, some experience to much experience)

Members of the Concerto Level are expected to possess intermediate skills and knowledge in the areas of tone, vowel formation, diction, breathing and musicianship, as well as be comfortable singing in harmony. Rehearsal speed and intensity are augmented here, as students prepare themselves for advancement into the Senior Division ranks. Private vocal study is introduced at this level, where students regularly meet with an instructor for ten minute intervals, enhancing work on head tone development. Sight singing in the Kodály Method will also be employed as part of the curriculum, with students getting greater opportunity to utilize their growing knowledge of rhythms and pitches. Concerto Level students will have the privilege of working weekly with the following esteemed personnel:

Dr. Pamela Blackstone, conductor (Los Angeles)
Dr. Hiroyo Hatsuyama, associate pianist (Los Angeles)
Lisa Fenderson, Kelly Adams, Arie Moriguchi, Lavone Seetal and Roxanne Madsen, Kodály musicianship instructors (Los Angeles)
Nick Nicassio, conductor (New York)
David Štech, principal pianist (New York)
Sarah Meadows, Kodály musicianship instructor (New York)